Industry partners choose Hybrid’s diverse selection of POSS products to improve product performance without sacrificing mechanical property. We invite you to browse our selection of chemicals and other products to learn how POSS can help your company.

R&D Chemicals – Online catalog of all the POSS® Chemicals we currently offer for purchase.

Bulk Chemicals – Pricing for large production quantities of a few of our most popular POSS Chemicals

Custom Products & Services – Listings of products that are available for purchase by contacting the Hybrid team.

Thermosets – Formulated thermosetting resins for coatings, adhesives, and composites.

Thermoplastics – Masterbatch formulations of common thermoplastics for improved flow, reduced surface energy, better dispersion, and more.



In addition to the sale and distribution of POSS Chemicals, Hybrid can help you to make POSS work in your products. Our POSS experts can help you with:

Dispersion – Pretreatment of fillers with POSS Dispersants and predispersion of treated filler in thermoplastics or liquid formulations.

Compounding – Melt compounding of POSS Chemicals or treated fillers into any thermoplastic resin

Formulation – Optimization of new or existing products through the addition of POSS Chemicals