Due to the worldwide interest in POSS® Technology, Hybrid Plastics® has established partnerships with several companies in Europe and Asia to assist in the development of products containing POSS® Chemicals. These links will open a new page containing the Web sites of these affiliates.

JL Chem – Korea – Promoter for Excellent Universities and Major Companies


NovaRes – Italy – Product Development Partner

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Toyota Tsusho Advanced Materials – Japan – Distributor

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DCC – Korea – Distributor

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Kim & Friends – Korea – Distributor

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WithChem – Korea – Distributor

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Passkey Technology Company, Ltd. – China – Distributor

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In addition, while Hybrid Plastics, Inc. seeks to provide solutions via insertion into a customers existing material supply chain, we have a partnership with Designer Molecules, Inc. for those customers who are seeking development of an entirely new resin system.

Designer Molecules Inc. – USA – Product Development Partner

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