Thermosets 9710-filmIt is our priority to insert POSS® into your existing material supply chain rather than offering you an alternative material system and vendor. Hybrid is highly adept at formulation with POSS, and its use to extend the performance envelopes of nearly all thermoset resin systems.

If you are uncertain as to which properties can be enhanced or which POSS are most likely to be compatible with your system, please see the list below or search the POSS e-knowledge repository. You can also send us an e-mail or call to arrange for a free compatibility screening or additional information.

We offer custom compounding and formulation, to help you develop POSS-based solutions, which includes technical and engineering support from our experienced polymer scientists and engineers.

Download the POSS Enhanched Thermosets Brochure
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POSS Acrylates

POSS® Coat MA2310 – Scratch resistant UV coating for plastics

POSS Epoxies

POSS® Bond EP3110 – Oxidation resistant adhesive
POSS® Bond EP3112 – Room temperature curable adhesive
POSS® Resin EP3510 – High use temperature resin
POSS® Resin EP3512 – Room temperature VARTMable resin
POSS® Bond EP3120 – Oxidation resistant adhesive
POSS® Resin EP3530 – High use temperature resin with long pot life at elevated temperatures

POSS Polyimides

CORIN – Transparent, sprayable polyimide coating/sheets
POSS® ImiClear – Colorless, transparent, polyimide coating
Thermalbright™ Polyimide – Colorless polyimide filled with inert white fillers

POSS Silicones

POSS Coat SC4300 – Optically clear silicone coating for electronic applications
POSS Resin SC4500-FireQuench – Non-halogenated thermal barrier composite material

Hybrid Plastics, Inc. seeks to provide solutions via insertion into a customers existing material supply chain. If you are seeking development of an entirely new resin system then we suggest you also consider contacting Designer Molecules Inc. –