R&D Chemicals

Hybrid Plastics offers a large variety of POSS® Nanostructured® chemicals. As chemicals, they follow the Gibbs free energy of mixing equation (ΔG = ΔH – TΔS) for dispersion and compatibility. For example the R groups on the cage provide compatibility via the principle of “like dissolves like” and cages containing polar groups or polymerizable groups provide interaction with polymers, surfaces etc and also promote a favorable enthalpic term (ΔH). Entropic ΔS dispersion of POSS is always favorable because of the monoscopic cage size.

The ability of POSS to be dispersed at the molecular level is the key to realizing physical property enhancements. If you are uncertain as to which properties can be enhanced or which POSS are most likely to be compatible with your system, please search the POSS e-Knowledge repository. Alternately you can send us an e-mail or call to arrange for a free compatibility screening or additional information.

All products are 97% pure or greater, unless otherwise stated in product entry.

Current prices are available on each product’s page. Prices are subject to change.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

Important Note
Due to increases in raw materials costs, prices on many POSS® compounds have increased. In order to offset the labor costs, and offer the best pricing to our customers, there is now a $150 minimum purchase.