POSS Dispersions


dispersant-peekTEMHybrid’s POSS dispersions offer the next generation of dispersion aids based on POSS technology. Our dispersants offer several advantages over traditional dispersants and coupling agents, including:

    • Thermal stability up to 400°C
    • Nanoscopic monolayer coverage
    • Dominates surface area – 3600 m2/g
    • No VOC’s generated
    • Stronger bonding—sticks at high temperatures
    • Works in thermoplastics and thermoset materials

Anatomy of POSS Dispersants

The inner cage core of POSS dispersants is externally decorated with organic groups matched with the system to maximize compatibility. Binding groups can be selected to work with just about any filler. Because there are multiple binding groups per molecule, a strong, thermally stable bond is formed.

Lower Viscosity / Higher filler Loading

POSS® dispersants can be used in highly filled resins to decrease viscosity. POSS strongly bonds to the surface of fillers and breaks up particle‐particle interactions. This effect not only increases productivity, but also improves mechanical properties and surface finish. In addition, due to the viscosity reduction, more filler can be added to the resin while maintaining the desired viscosity. In one example, three times as much titanium dioxide was able to be used.

Superior Thermal Stability

One of the biggest advantages of POSS dispersants is their exceptional thermal stability. The thermogravimetric analysis chart compares two different POSS dispersants with a popular commercial dispersant, stearic acid. Stearic acid degrades / evaporates at about 200°C, while POSS®dispersants can be stable up to 400°C. This superior stability lends to POSS’ use in high temperature polymers such as poly(ether ether ketone), polyimide and polysulfones.

Availability & Ease of Use

POSS dispersants work with nearly every filler, and have been used successfully to treat TiO2, CaCO3, BN, MnO2, mica, silica, glass fiber, and carbon nanotubes. POSS dispersants are easy to use, safe to handle and do not contain or generate any volatile organic compounds. In most cases they can simply be added to the formulation with no additional steps taken. They are available in pure form at R&D and bulk quantities. They are also available in custom form, such as thermoplastic masterbatch or predispersed in a thermoset resin, upon request.

POSS Dispersion Products

MA4L35.01 Nanosilica Dispersion Methacrylate POSS

EP4F09.01 Nanosilica Dispersion Epoxy POSS


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