Manufacturing Facilities


Hybrid’s plant in Hattiesburg, Mississippi provides the equipment and capacity to develop product solutions from concept to scale. We make a range of products, from research and development quantities to bulk. All manufacturing processes are supported by a PhD staff. Our facilities have been given the second highest classification of Level 9 in Manufacturing Readiness by the Department of Defense. This rating, used to measure supplier capacity and technology maturity for manufacturing purposes, is a testament to Hybrid’s ability to customize and manufacture POSS® to meet the needs of private industry and national defense.

Bulk Manufacturing and Production
Our main manufacturing area is where crystalline POSS® compounds, thermosets, coatings, acrylic monomers and personal care materials are processed. With glass-lined reactors that range in size from 100 to 1000 gallons and a 2 square meter Cogeim filter/dryer system, Hybrid has the capacity to manufacture POSS® at ton levels.

Large Scale Extrusion
Once a solution is found and vetted to meet a customer’s unique need, the large scale extruder allows Hybrid to scale up. Masterbatch capacity is 450 lbs/hour, which supports commercial and industrial compounding.