Hybrid Releases New Technical Data on POSS Effects on Optical Hard Coatings

Hybrid has released new technical data on the features, benefits and applications of its MA0735 Methacryl POSS and MA0736 Acrylo POSS.

The two products provide enhanced adhesion and coating durability. This benefits applications requiring reduced shrinkage, scratch resistance, increased durability and high light transmission.

MA0735 Methacryl POSS and MA0736 Acrylo POSS are also compatible with nanosilica and provide desirable dispersion and rheological diluent effects.

Hybrid President Joe Lichtenhan said both products are highly suitable for applications that require high optical transparency and scratch-mar resistance.

“MA0735 and MA0736 improve standard hard coatings by providing 98% light transmission, hardness and impact resistance. They also maintain and enhance the mechanical performance of these coatings.”

MA0735 and MA0736 are both forms of polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane. Known as POSS, it is a Nanostuctured® chemical that bridges the gap between ceramic and organic materials to form a single molecular composition. POSS improves product performance of standard product additives.

POSS is created and manufactured by Hybrid Plastics, a chemical company in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. To access this new technical data at hybridplastics.com, click here for MA0735 and here for MA0736.