Hybrid Launches eKnowledge Repository

Hybrid has launched its online data and information database to educate researchers and customers on POSS® technology. The platform, known as the eKnowledge Repository, features abstracts of journal articles, patents, papers, theses and posters that relate to polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane, known as POSS. It can be found at hybridplastics.com/e-knowledge-repository/

Karie Sorrells, curator of the eKnowledge Repository, said the search feature on the new database will afford researchers and industry new opportunities to stay on top of the new and exciting research and products that relate to POSS.

“Industry partners can search our eKnowledge database quickly and easily to find information about new uses for POSS, improve their own applications through the use of POSS and spark a new idea of how POSS can further expand product development opportunities,” said Sorrells. “The platform also includes an easy way to contact Hybrid’s team of POSS experts.”

Hybrid President Joe Lichtenhan said more researchers and companies are understanding POSS’ unique ability to help industries solve longstanding challenges.

“Our eKnowledge Repository is designed to help foster further innovation with POSS,” said Lichtenhan. “We found lots of talented people and organizations that were doing ground-breaking research with this technology. This is our way to help spread the word on their findings, which we believe will give way to even more possibilities.”

POSS is a nano-structural chemical that bridges the gap between ceramic and organic materials to form a single molecular composition. POSS improves product performance of standard product additives. POSS can be altered to give the molecule certain functionalities that are beneficial in a variety of cosmetics. POSS is created and manufactured by Hybrid, a chemical company in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

To access the eKnowledge Repository, visit hybridplastics.com/e-knowledge-repository/.