POSS® Key Ingredient in New Gun Products

A revolutionary new gun lubricant and cleaner use POSS as a key ingredient. New Gun Products Eagle Shield CLP (Cleaner, Lubricant, Protector) and Eagle Shield RBC (Rifle Bore Cleaner) help keep firearms lubricated in the most extreme of temperatures and greatly speed and simplify the cleaning process.

Eagle Shield Gun Cleaner and CLP are marketed and sold by Talon Ordnance of Ridgeland, Mississippi. Originally designed as a way to keep the AR-15 lubricated for military use in extreme hot and cold conditions, the cleaner can be used on any firearm. POSS allows the lubricant to bond to the gun’s metal at the molecular level and helps Eagle Shield CLP to retain lubricant qualities under extreme conditions.

The use of POSS in the cleaner allows for enhanced rates of removal of copper, lead and carbon from the weapon and eliminates the use of brushes and scrubbing. Both products do away with the sticky feel of gun lubricants and cleaner on hands and eliminate the accumulation of rags and towels. Both Eagle Shield RBC and Eagle Shield CLP are nontoxic and environmentally friendly.

Talon Ordnance CEO Clay Baldwin said the addition of POSS to Eagle Shield solves several longstanding problems for gun owners.

“We wanted to formulate a superior lubricant to operate at temperature extremes and a cleaner that could restore weapons faster and easier than other products in the current marketplace,” said Baldwin. “It also cleans firearms quickly and without the potential damage created by use of a metal brush. Instead of a wire brush, owners can now use a cotton barrel mop or nylon brush to easily lift carbon, copper and lead because the cleaner now penetrates the metal.”

Polyhedral oligomeric silsequioxane, known as POSS, bridges the gap between ceramic and organic materials to form a single molecular composition. POSS improves product performance of standard chemical additives. It can be altered to give the molecule certain functionalities that benefit products in a variety of industries.

POSS is created and manufactured by Hybrid, a chemical company in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Hybrid President Joe Lichtenhan said Eagle Shield’s success provides further testament to the  potential of POSS in product manufacturing.

“We are excited about the success that Talon has had with Eagle Shield CLP. We are proud that POSS can be used at such a practical level to assist our military and law enforcement,” said Lichtenhan. “We look forward to expand POSS’ development and use in more products and industries.”

For more information on the many uses of POSS, visit hybridplastics.com. To learn more about Talon Ordnance or to purchase Eagle Shield Cleaner and CLP, visit talonordnance.com.